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    What's all this, then?

    abs, auto ecu only guessing
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    ecu makes a high pitch sound at light loads?

    In my legnum pfl manual at about 100kmh cruising when you come to a slight incline and i give it a slight bit of throttle i can hear the ecu emit a high pitch tone, if i back off and then accelerate slightly the tone changes up and down.If you have the radio on you can't hear it,my misses...
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    Parts Seen on eBay, TradeMe, Yahoo JP, EvoOz etc

    on ebay ,my be of interest to 7g galant owners http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=150455377735&_trkparms=tab%3DSelling 6a12tt engine plus front cut parts
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    volvo v40 t4

    we never got them in australia
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    volvo v40 t4

    just bought 1 of these ,its turbo has oil seals gone so i picked it up pretty cheap,now have to get it home and see what issues it has. good body,leather on seats is worn,lots of features. anybody had 1 or the sedan s40. david
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    Anyone purchased anything through J-Imports?

    Yes i have bought 3 or 4 cars through them including the misses 8g galant vr4,all cars were as described, they are good to deal with especially ben who frequents this forum. david
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    engine mount manufacturer in qld?

    yes it is for the 7g tt still fwd, i bought a front cut on ebay and i am in the process of fixing the wiring as you know the conversion was never done properly, the end mounts are fine as you said they are allready polly but the front and rear only lasted 18 months and they arn't cheap so while...
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    engine mount manufacturer in qld?

    looking for someone to make the front and rear mounts for my 7g the last set only lasted 18 months ,there used to a guy at narangbah called creative polyurethane but he has gone from there, i'm sure there must be others that can make an 2 inserts. thanks david
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    Need Help- Engine Stopped

    check your cam and crank sensors are working,they are on the front of motor,had the same problem on a 6a12 and it was the cam sensor that had failed, it only had spark on 1 coil, i replaced the ecu same problem then spoke to auto elect and he said the sensors are suspect on 6a12 you will need...
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    Rallyart adj. suspension

    My legnum has rallyart shocks with the 4 position adj knobs, does anyone know which is soft and hard? thanks david
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    there are lower control arms on ebay for galants 94/99 ,both lower arms left and right (4 arms) for 250 delivered. i bought a set for my hj. them were delivered very quickly from china. they looked ok to me and fitted as they should. david
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    steering rack leak

    have you tried lucas power steering stop leak,i know it won't fix it but i have used it a couple of times and it really works well in slowing down stopping leaks,it comes in a white plactic bottle just add it to the filler. on a side note i have a rack from a 7g vr4 frontcut that i just pulled...
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    alternator repairs.

    the alternator on the legnum that i bought was dead so read the how to remove thread,removed it after a bit of a fight as the bolts were very tight and the car was not at my place so tools were a bit scarce. got it out took it home to the work bench pulled it apart hoping to find short...
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    gtofun aka Andy // Dorset - UK

    i had a black 1990 gto tt which i sold a couple of years ago and i bought a gto na last week from a friend for a good price david
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    Fog light problem

    drill a small hole in the front of the lense at the very bottom about 1mm and then the water will drain out. you can pull them apart and reseal them they have 3 screws a few plastic clips and some sealant holding them together put them in the sun to soften the sealant and pry them apart
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    Mitsubishi GTO

    i have owned a 1990 gto tt and a 1996 galant and a 1998 legnum, the gto was manual and the other2 were auto but the gto was a great looking, handling car slightly quicker in a straight line that the legnum/galant. the gto got attention where ever you went while the other 2 don,t. the gto was...
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    6a12 broken timing belt ?

    mine is a 6a12 not 6a13 although i suspect they are the same. thanks david
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    6a12 broken timing belt ?

    i just bought this http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=160310108044&ssPageName=STRK:MEWN:IT&ih=006 i have a spare motor in the shed 6a12 swap it over away it goes. you can never have enough galants. anybody know if the 6a12 is an interfearance engine or not,ie does...
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    hj galant vr4 ecu pinout

    whoever did the conversion on my hj galant(6a12tt fwd) stuffed up the wiring by using the na harness,does anyone have any info on the hj vr4 especially the ecu pin out. thanks david
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