1. Cameron McPherson

    Sunday at Samford - April 15th 2018 - Ft. Downshift and Getta Burger

    Downshift is on again at Samford Showground on April 15th so we should get a VR4 crew together and head along! In recent times we've had a pretty good showing of VR4s at Downshift meets, and with the SEQ crew growing hopefully this will continue. For those interested, I thought we could...
  2. Cameron McPherson

    Friday January 19th 2018 Gatecrashing the SECMAC meet at IKEA + Burgs!

    Alright kents, time for a January SEQ OZVR4 meet! I've finally finalised the details for our meet on Friday January 19th 2018. We'll start at Getta Burger Underwood at 6pm for dinner and a pre-meet. Address is 2770 Logan Rd, Underwood (Corner of Logan Rd and Underwood Rd). Most of you will...
  3. Cameron McPherson

    October meet and Northside Cruise - 7pm Friday 20th October @ Wing Fury Clayfield!

    Time for an October SEQ OzVR4 meet! We've had great turnouts at previous meets so I'd be keen to keep that trend going. POLL CLOSED! The winner by Unanimous decision is Wing Fury (2/256 Junction Rd, Clayfield) on Friday October 20th at 7pm! The aim will be to meet there at 7ish to then eat at...
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