1. M

    How many litres of coolant for a new radiator(cooling system)?

    I've had a cracking day! The top tank of my radiator has gone kaput. I'll be needing to source a radiator ASAP. So in preparation for the easy swap over of a radiator. I need to know the total amount of coolant I'll be needing to buy. I was thinking 7 litres to be safe. As I am filling the whole...
  2. VR45UM

    Sealing from thermostat housing to block.

    Hey guys, doing some new year repairs (much leaky coolant system). I'm replacing the thermostat, water pump pipe seals and replacing some hoses and I was going to reseal the thermostat to the block but noticed the connection uses metal gasket/seals. Is there a replacement part for these gaskets...
  3. gilly

    Cracked radiator questions

    I got a crack in the top tank of my radiator last night. I have used the search tools and found out a few things, but the following questions I have I have not found an answer for: 1. The crack happened last night on a cool night and was not boosting at all. Should I be concerned there is a...
  4. Soarerpete

    A/C vs Radiator issues.

    hey all, Wonder if anyone has this issue, had it or am I the lucky one. My car runs perfect heat generally. I have aluminium radiator, sard thermostat and Davies Craig thermo fans. But the issue is overheating whenever air conditioner is on. Now I needed to look into this further and found...
  5. Kaldek

    Normal behaviour for stock radiator when tuned

    Folks, My car as tuned by @TME_Steve has had the stock radiator put back in it due to the clearance issues with the Winner radiator that was previously in it. Anyway, I took the car for a blast up the mountains today and noticed that when I really hoofed it, the temperatures climbed up (even...
  6. naughtika

    Overheating Issues

    Hey guys, yesterday I experience a little bit of overheating from my car.. car didnt stop or anything but i noticed the temp go up more than usual below is the scenario - a bit of stop and go traffic - was in the afternoon (4:30pm) - a bit of spirited drive prior to the stop and go setup of...
  7. Gt_Galant

    Fans wont turn off and overheating. 6A12TT

    Hi All, Thought id ask this here since its still a VR4 not the 6A13TT but with the 6A12TT (so should be similar, well kind of) Ok hopefully someone can help me here as i try'd a few things and still doing the same thing. When i start the car, it turns on fine, fans dont kick in yet, when the...
  8. N

    Fans not switching on

    On my way to work yesterday I noticed my temps were up quite high, so i quickly pulled into a servo to suss things out. Water was boiling in the overflow etc...I let it cool down, finally pulled off the radiator cap and it was pretty much After fishing the spring etc OUT of...
  9. wesleyong

    Maximising cooling with slimline thermo radiator fans

    Hi guys, It has been previously discussed that when upgrading to a thicker radiator, the use of slimline fans may be necessary. This is my case where I have bought the 40mm aluminium radiator and my aftermarket intercooler piping is in the way of the stock fans. I have purchased a 12"...
  10. Tom

    Radiator Fans

    Do our Radiator Fans come on all the time or only when it hits a certain hot temperature or something? I know that with different cars they run on different circumstances.. But what about our cars?
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