1. J_banger

    Sold NSW Genuine CIBIE Headlights

    Complete plug and play set of Genuine CIBIE headlights. Great condition including all wiring associated with install. I’m sure most of you know how rare these are for a genuine set to be on the market. $3000 shipped within Australia including insurance. For international shipping we may...
  2. Corrupt

    Gauge Pod Idea - Revisited

    So I finally pulled my finger out and decided to restart my gauge pod development for the Galant. From the start I wanted to replace the factory clock as it was a bit dickie anyway and my new (at the time) head unit has a clock on it. My checklist was: Had to look factory (or at the least...
  3. J_banger

    Sold NSW Twin TD04 setup

    Items and prices: $$950.00 ONO Manifolds, dumps and turbos with modified wastegate actuators. Turbos will need new CHRAS as they have a bit of shaft play. Condition: USED Description: Custom made manifolds and dumps to suit, this setup does not need the oil filter relocated. Was never...
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