1. S

    Diagnosing AC unit grinding noise

    Hi all, I've been trying to solve an annoying issue with my VR4's AC unit, and I suppose I'm searching for some guidance or confirmation of the issue and necessary repairs. The unit (MSC90C, AKC201A204) continually makes this (very) loud metallic grinding noise after the clutch engages. I'm...
  2. SiliconAngel

    Air Conditioning Compressor Replacement Options (A/C, aircon)

    The A/C compressor in the VR4 is an MSC90C. This compressor was used in a huge range of vehicles (some details you can find in my original post here), so it's actually not too difficult to find a new replacement. Ben (@benny__S) has managed to find some in Australia for us, but I'll let him...
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