1. D

    Turbo Cold side Replacement

    Hi there guys! I have a front turbo with a mighty chunk that has broken off of the snail... I have a spare TD03 in my inventory for such an occasion. If I was unable to replace the entire turbo, can I somehow slide the cold side off on its own, and replace it with my spare?
  2. slickd1

    Turbo upgrade alternative, Supercharger

    Had a thought, what if we just got one of those belt driven, snail shaped superchargers and used it to help our little turbos do less work for more boost? Exactly the same as the magna guys do, except we have turbos, so its kind of like a compound turbo setup for us. Pros/cons? Some reason...
  3. A

    Sold VIC 2000 Model Type S Manual Legnum (Pearl White)

    Year/Make/Model: 2000 Asking price: $7,500 Price drop! Kilometers: 150XXXkm's Registration expiry date: November 2016 Roadworthy/Safety Certificate provided: N/A (due to wanting quick sale and not having time) Transmission: Manual Body colour and condition: Pearl white, slight dint on...
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