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1997 Manual Legnum VR4
Triumph Daytona 675
1997 Mitsubishi Legnum VR4

AWD Twin Turbo V6

The Legnum is the station wagon version of the Galant, with the VR4 being the top of the line performance model. This car features a twin turbo and intercooled 2.5L DOHC V6 with 24 valves claiming 206kW from factory (Gentleman’s agreement). It features an AWD system similar to the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution of the time with a torque vectoring rear differential (Active Yaw Control).

The small sized twin turbos come on boost early and make this car very fun to drive at normal RPM ranges. The AWD system allows you to accelerate hard whilst cornering and the car feels very grippy doing this, something which is not possible in high performance FWD or RWD cars.

These cars are already rare but also becoming classics, this car being 25 years old can now be club registered in some states in Australia, and can now be imported to the US.

This car has 240,000km on the body and about 150,000km on the engine (swapped last year). This JDM car was imported in 2009 and has been my daily for the past 5 years. The 5 speed manual with this engine and drivetrain makes any drive enjoyable.

This car has been mechanically cared for and mildly modified but cosmetically is showing its 25 year age and has accumulated a few imperfections over the years.


-Engine swapped last year with an imported crate motor from SSS Automotive which had 150,000km.

-The Engine swap has been inspected and the Registration details updated with the new engine number

-Major service completed (Water pump, pulleys, Timing Belt, Timing Belt Tensioner) on the engine before the swap. Fresh transfer case oil, gearbox oil, engine oil, and coolant)

-Exedy Heavy Duty Clutch with Monoloc ACT Retainer done in 2022, Rear Main seal also done

-Aeroflow FMIC

-MAC Valve wired in to replace factory boost control solenoid


-Walbro 255lph in take fuel pump

-3SX Fuel Loop

-AEM Wideband 02 Sensor with guage


-Stock Calipers with DBA T3 Rotors and QFM A1RM Pads


-BCBR Adjustable Coilovers

-New Lower Control Arms in 2022

-Front suspension bushings recently changed

-Sway bar bushings recently changed


-New Battery in 2021

-Isolator switch wired in at Battery terminal

-Aftermarket headunit with bluetooth

-Bose spare wheel well subwoofer from Nissan 370z

-JDM Turbo Timer


-AC regassed 2021 with new TX Valve and Receiver Dryer

-Heater Core replaced 2021


-Mechanic boost guage



-AYC Pump could do with a rebuild

Cosmetic Issues

-Wind deflectors missing/broken

-Weather stripping cracked from hail

-Multiple scratches on panels and clear coat coming off

-Small amount of Rubber missing from Right Rear door seal but doesn’t leak

-17inch Lenso rims gutter rashed and have had cracks repaired

NSW Rego until June 2022
Asking $11,000
Location: Central Coast NSW

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