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1999 Legnum VR4 Type S
1999 Legnum VR4

Located Christchurch New Zealand

WOF & Rego advertised elsewhere for 10k but if sold to a forum member Ill let it go for 9k with the 18's or 7.5k on some 16's (pictured in the first post)

I Purchased this car in 2017 with lapsed rego from a clubvr4 forum member. He had it in his shed and after the 2011 Christchurch earthquakes he simply had too much on his plate and forgot to renew the registration.
I had the whole underbody sand blasted and undersealed and cavity waxed ($850) right after purchase as it was starting to develop some light surface rust on the underside after sitting in the shed. the Revin process can be pretty strict on any rust so I figured Id get it sorted out before the inspection to not have it become an issue. I put it though revin in feb 2018

after a few months of ownership I manual converted the car in April 2018 @ 264,000kms
at which point I did a major service of the car and did a few performance modifications.
the service items and modifications are as follows.
-Rebuilt gearbox with new bearings and seals throughout
-LSD front transfer case
-New gearbox hangar mount
-Transformance Mechanical Engineering heavy duty clutch ~1340kg clamp force, organic friction disc & new release bearing
-Freshly skimmed stock flywheel
-Sold aluminium shifter bushings
-Factory manual pedals, shifter and interior trims
-cambelt, idlers, tensioners, waterpump, cam seals, front and rear crank seals, rocker cover gaskets, NGK platnium plugs and valve stem seals all done at the same time
-3 port boost control solenoid, ECU reflashed to run 15psi
-268* 9.8mm camshafts and uprated Brian Crower valve springs to suit
-New Valve stem seals
-Modifed fuel rails and -6AN fuel loop added
-Walboro GSS342 intake 255lph fuel pump
-AYC removed and replaced with stronger iron cased diff, solid front diff bushings new rear diff bushings and new lower suspension arm inner ball joints.
-Glass headlights (wont yellow like the stock plastic lenses)
-Directed 500 4chanel Amplifter installed under the boot floor, new speaker wire run to all 4 speakers
-Bluetooth JVC double din head unit
-Prosport Smoked face 30psi boost gauge
-both rear wheel bearings

(see above linked thread for photos of the undersealing and mods)

I used the car reliably for the last 6 years. but unfortunatly at the end of may 2023 some dick head stole the car off my driveway. surprisingly the police recovered the car 95% intact. I bought it back and fixed it up which included

-New cambelt, front main seal
-New zero tick lifters
-JVC coaxial front and rear speakers
-SSA 18x8.5+22 Wheels
-Engine oil & Filter, gearbox oil, transfer case oil, rear diff oil and coolant all replaced
-front and rear bumpers and roof resprayed @ Andrews and Gilmore ($2000)
-Rest of the paint clay bared, cut, polished and waxed.

I also migrated some of the mods off it onto my new legnum which I had bought to replace this one
-removed the recaros and swapped them for red fleck stock front seats
-removed the front LSD Transfer case and replaced it with a stock one
-Removed the ralliart dampers and replaced it with good condition stock dampers
-Removed the custom stainless exhaust and replaced it with a full stock exhaust system

the car still has all the other mods
-3 port
-268 cams and springs
-tuned ecu ~15psi
-walbro fuel pump
-6AN fuel loop and modifed fuel rails
-boost gauge
-JVC head unit
-4ch amp in the boot

Runs and drives brilliantly. Just add your own exhaust, coilovers and bolt an evo RS lsd pumpkin into the rear diff and it'll be bad ass wagon for ripping around the streets and doing trackdays

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1999 Legnum VR4 Type S
If the 18x8.5" wheels aren't your cup of tea and plan to add your own wheels the car can come on these 16"s for less money as described in the above post
The tyres are old but still have plenty of tread to drive around on
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