For Sale QLD 5L bottles of Quick Detailer with Aqua Wax (2in1) for almost free!


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Items and prices: S20 for one bottle or $15 each for 4 and more in one order

Description: 5L bottles of Quick Detailer with Aqua Wax (2in1)

Condition: New

Delivery options: Pick up or postage on buyers expense

Payment methods: Paypal, normal transfer or just cash

Contact details: PM or this thred

Location: Brisbane, Woolloongabba

Hi guys.

As some of you may know I`m currently working in detailing company with own production line of car cosmetics.

I have for sale about 50, 5 Liter bottles of Quick Detailer with Aqua Wax (2in1)

If you have some experience you probably know how good and how important this product is when you`re washing your car.

I`m using this product twice in every wash, first I`m giving couple squirts on drying towel to give extra slickness while drying car and then I`m using this in the end to give extra shine and be sure that there is no water marks ;)

I have a lot of experience in car detalinig and I used to use Duragloss because of quality and price and honestly you wont see ANY difference between this and Duragloss except price of course ;). I`m talking about those products:
Quick Detailer:
Aqua Wax:

Biggest advantage of this product is that is 2in1 and that`s mean you don`t have to buy two separate products cause you can use this one for everything.

Also you can use it as a water less wash, great when you can`t or don`t have time to wash your dust car, 10mins and it`s perfectly clean and without scratches!

Now bad thing cause it has to be at least one :D We had small misunderstanding with our supplier, we are using Special Methylated Spirit to give extra cleaning power but supplier sent us normal Methylated Spirit. The ONLY difference is smell, nothing else. Both smell like spirit but with "special" one you can kill this smell with fragrance and you can`t really do it with normal. As a effect it smells like strawberry spirit, which is not that bad to be honest hahaha, some people would even prefer this smell lol

Any way, this is good product with just different smell and my boss decide to drain whole batch (2,500L) so I asked him if I can have some 5L. The only condition is I can`t sell them with label from obvious reasons.

Now the price, as you can see above in those links for 500ml of Quick Detailer and Aqua Wax you have to pay about $20 EACH! So that`s $40 for 1L of product and as I just want to get rid of it Ill take $20 plus postage for one 5L bottle. If you will buy 4 and more Ill charge $15 each plus postage ;)

If you want to ask or buy please contact me on PM or in this thread.

Cheers guys!

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