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Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by Nash, Oct 18, 2007.

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    1988 Honda CRX (Series 2)
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    Hey has anyone had experience with the APEX'i AVC-R Boost Controller ?

    Here's one on Ebay

    In the following PDF it shows you how to wire one to the Leggie/Galant ECU

    Page 16

    Would this work if I got Garrett GT25 Turbos ? Would this be all I need ???
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    From what I've heard - [not gospel, but from a few Different workshops]

    Is that they do the job, look pretty and are a defect magnet if you mount them on the dash, However they aren't as good as others. Different people have recommended the Blitz Dual SBC as the best or the Greddy Profec boost controllers.
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    also if yuo want easy to setup and use,

    look at the gizzmo range, both easy to setup and use,
    i have the gizzmo ibc, if i had the money i would get the ms-ibc as you can run closed loop which would be the best.

    if your upgrading turbos you will need a AFC aswell,

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