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Credit: This was sourced from various sources on internet forums. So if you recognise some of these instructions, full credit to the original authors
Effort: low
Costs: ~$100
- Sub $40, pickapart
- Relay with 30A Fuse $12, Jaycar
- 15A Fuse, $5, Jaycar
- DW 6pin Connector $15, Jaycar
- 5m blue wire for signal $10,
- 5m heavier gauge black & red wiring for power & ground $20
- Various lugs, $10

  1. Find a Bose sub from wrecker.
    1. Make sure you grab a length of the connecting harness as well as the retention bolt as well.
    2. If you want to clean inside it you'll need a 1/4" socket - bastard little thing to find at short notice
  2. Test fit the sub, harness and relay to get an idea of where you want to place things (harness, relay, wires)
  3. Jack up your car. Actually don't do that, but do disconnect your battery negative from it's terminal
  4. Run a signal wire from your headunit to the boot, I ran mine down drivers side. Pretty sure it's a blue wire on my Kenwood
  5. Ground wire - on Legnums at least, there's a metal bracket the boot tray rests on. I took that off sanded/polished the surfaces and stuck my lug under there
  6. Relay
    1. Swap out the 30A fuse for a 15A one.
    2. Flip the relay over to see the numbers
    3. Strip and crimp on some lugs for 12v In, 12v Out, Signal In, Ground
  7. Connector - from the Bose harness cut, strip and crimp.
    1. BLUE/red = Power
    2. BLACK = Ground
    3. YELLOW = audio signal, positive
    4. BROWN= audio signal, negative
    5. BLACK/brown = just ignore this guy (I pinned and connected it on one connector only)
  8. Connector - from the Car
    1. Power and Ground, straight forward Strip and Pin
    2. Audio positive & negative. ..
    3. Cut the RCA off.
    4. Very carefully strip a decent length of wire, the outer grounding wires were super tiny and easy to cut through on my cable.
    5. Pull aside the outer ground wires and pin them, this is now your audio-negative.
    6. Pin the middle wire, this is now your audio-positive

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