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  1. Hey guys, due to limited time i haven't yet looked around the site to see if there's an answer somewhwere else for these questions, hope someone can help me out. I have a VERY limited knowledege of the mechanics behind these cars, but I'm looking at getting larger dump pipes and exhaust made up for my 96 model legnum, and i have to ask, what turbo/s does this model run? Has anybody else done this? And are there any hassles that have come from this? Not sure if this is the best area to have this thread, so feel free to move it if there's a better area. Cheers guys
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    If u typed dump pipe in the search u wouldn't have had to type all that ... LOL
    RPW in Perth is looking at making there own pipes and having them dyno'd soon, so prolly best to wait and see how they go.
    Have a read through the thread ...
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    The Search Button really is your best friend - doing a quick search can be a hell of a lot easier than typing up a question and waiting for responses (which usually only consist of smart-ass comments about search buttons anyway :rolleyes:) ;)
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    the cars are running two td03 turbos.. im looking at doing this very soon.. i have 3'cat back zorst but i wanna change hedders and dumps.. should be fun
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    i wouldn't bother with headers unless you are upgrading turbos.
    lots of money for pretty much no gain, and being only 3 runners, there isnt much restrictions

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