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Hey Guys!

I'm new to here.

Just bought a 1997 Legnum VR-4 (convinced the wife it was a good family car!)

Imported from Japan in April. I am the first owner in oz.

I have a few questions about them:

1. What engine oil do people use in these things? Cant seem to find it anywhere??? And is it hard to get oil filters for these things?

2. It has a genuine Mitsubishi tv and sat nav but doesn't work. Was quoted $800 to tune but not worth it. Is there an issue with removing totally and just installing my own setup? Are they worth anything? Anyone want to buy it?

3. With the autos in these things, I've noticed that some forums say get it serviced then install an auto cooler on it. Is this necessary??

4. I am planning on getting a new alarm system with a 3 point immobilizer, does anyone recommend one?

5. last but not least, my Legnum must be the only one imported without a set of carpet mats! does anyone know of where i could get a set, or alike?

thanks for reading.



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Hi, is that another purple car for nsw?? go team purple
1. i've currently got 10w 30 in my legnum
2. no idea
3. get it serviced, it's easy enough to do yourself using the club vr4 instructions. i've also just had the cooler fitted on mine, so probably a good idea as i've heard the trans fluid is on the edge of its heat rating in our cars
4. i've got the mongoose m80s alarm/immobiliser
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Welcome along to the forum Steve. Congrats on your purchase. There is 1 thing you must absolutely do before you proceed any further and that is head over to the members rides and start a thread there into which you have to post pictures of your car. Most of us host our pic's on Photobucket but you can choose to use whoever you like.
I'd also suggest you read the forum rules and all the "Stickies".
Most of your question have already been asked and answered in various posts but I see that Dave has summarized them for you. In all cases please do a thorough search before posting questions.


1. There is a oil and oil filter thread with all the info? Amsoil is the most popular and one of the best quality oils, I'm trying Penrite Sin 0 at the moment. either one in 0W30 but read the threads on oils for more info.
just to list a couple of the many threads

2. There is a english conversion disc for the MMCS system and can give you a copy. You can get the TV and radio working or replace it all its up to you. and it will cost a lot less than $800

Does yours look like this

4. Are you in the Sydney area?
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Can you make it to the next NSW meet in Sydney at Homebush?
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