evo clutch installed



Hi guys.
Thought I would share.
I had my F1 Racing stage 3 cermaic clutch installed today.
It took two goes as the first install after we put a milimeter spacer on the clutch upon the install we found that the clutch was scratching the inside of the gear box.
We then stripped it down again but my mechanic decided to shave 3.5mm of the flywheel.
It worked and the clutch is now in and suprisingly soft feel on the peddel with only the occasional shutter from when the clutch bites as you get from high performance clutches.
I will add to the thread once the clutch has done 500kms of bedding in but it does feel really nice and I cant wait to spin all 4 wheels once its all bedded in.
The clutch I bought was from gripforce clutches from US ebay and it can be found when you do a search for evo 8 clutch or evo stage 3 clutch.
The company sent it to me really quickly and cost $296US plus $115us for freight to Kyrgyzstan.
I know that now the Oz and NZ dollar is really low but compare as $700 for a magna clutch is money in the bin as far as I am concerned.
I will email tomo some pics of the clutch but here is a link to the ebay add.
Dont get the evo flywheel as I am pretty sure that it doesnt fit.



look forward to hearing more, I too doubt the magna clutch especially when get up around 200kw at the wheels
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