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1996 Galant VR4
Hey guys,

On the weekend I got to do a little data logging thanks to Andy :). Problem I'm having is I have no idea how to read it properly so was wondering if anyone could help me out and scope out the log to see if while running the MAF Translator everything is running pretty well normal and only rich or if there is something a little more up with it.

Started with the translator MAF till line 1739-1807 where I plugged the stock MAF back in.
Problem is the engine was pretty hot and I didn't have any heat wrap over the Holden MAF aparently they dont like heat too much so don't think the logs are 100% but its a start.

After running the translator I decided to play it safe and get the retune while with the stock MAF and I'll tune the Translator in later on when I get more of an understanding of reading the data. (Translator has 4 tune settings using RPM signal to adjust fuel ratios)

Can anyone help me out with this? If so please send me ur email and ill forward the data through to you as I dont know how to put the file on this post. Thanks in advance :)
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