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On my way home today i was getting that hot engine smell, temperature gauge was all good but I dont like that smell. Was driving like an old granny so couldnt think of any reason except that it is about 35 degrees today(dont know how good the one on the car is but said 37) anyway when I got home i popped the bonnet and noticed the both fans were going but not that fast compared to other cars I have owned, then i noticed that the plug into that alloy heat sink thing, what is that and is it normal for the fans to only be going what i would call half speed, i mean usually you can hear them turn on and off on a car and when they are going they make quite a bit of noise and you can easily hear them, mine you had to look to see if they were going and pushed so little air they didnt make any noise at all. Is this normal, is that heat sink thing some kind of speed control.


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the heatsink is simply the voltage regulators for the fan speed. I've found that most of the time the fans don't actually spin that fast at all, but in the past I did have a few overheating problems with my car and the fans were definitely spinning super fast!
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