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Hey guys so I have a FL gearbox out of a 2000 Legnum to put into my 97 PFL and have been told it is relatively straight forward however I have seen different people say different things about which TCU they have used. I have literally everything from the FL leggy including the TCU but some people have said they get speedo issues with some saying they just used the PFL TCU on the FL box so I thought I would just check to see if it makes much difference? Also any tips to make things easier to do it will be much appreciated as I'm doing it at my automotive course so I'll have access to a hoist and all the tools I'll ever need including my own. The tutors have said they are more than keen to help out also as one has experience working on VR4s however he recommends getting the input from you guys as some people here may have done it more than once. I know there may be people that say do a manual conversion I just dont have the funds to do it and I just want to get her back on the road as it has been almost 6 months now and I'm tired of seeing it parked up. Plus doing it on my own is good experience and saves me a fuck load of money as being a broke student I dont have much of.


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Always use the TCU associated with the box. If you have the loom use that too for extra security. I have found my tcu if you have any issues with the box you have as i still havent moved the auto.


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All easy enough, use the TCU that came with the gearbox and just don't plug in the output speed sensor plug, located down below the throttle body. Thats the cause of the speedo issues since its not required on later boxes.
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