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Hey every one, i was just wondering if anyone knows if there was a way to re wire the fog lights on a facelift so that both of them come on at the same time rather than one coning on when the indicator is turned on, I know its illegal and all but i really like the look of is so i might just do it.
Cheers Lee


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Hey Lee,
  1. Disconnect (snip) the two wires that connect to the outer fog light.
  2. Strip some of the rubber (in the middle) of the main fog light wire without snipping it off. Expose aroung 1cm of bare wire - that's all you'll need.
  3. Connect the main, outer fog light's wire (from step 1.) to the exposed 1cm section of the bare fog light wire. You will only need to tape the main wire from the indicator fog light to the exposed wire of the fog light. Leave the other wire (which activates the outer fog light when turning) taped up and left out.
Tip: An easy method to strip the rubber off the wire is using a lighter, melting the plastic and pinching it off with your fingers.

Let us know how you go. If you get stuck, i can walk you through it later on tonight and take some photos for you.
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