Hello to all



Hi to everyone at OzVR4 club

Just introducing myself to everyone.....I havent as yet bought a legnum but really cant wait till I get one. Have watched a few vids on youtube and i was rather impressed with the power from such a small engine and what a fantastic exhaust note they have aswell.
I currently drive around in a mitsie Challenger LS 4x4 (this is first mitsubishi that i have owned) very impressed with the build and quality of the cars.....such a fun 4x4 and the 3.0 ltr V6 just loves to rev, previously to that I had a holden 5.0 ltr VS Caprice HSV enhanced. Since I have owned the mitsie I have become a big fan of the 3 red diamonds.
So im keeping a sharp eye out for a legnum that I like also look forward to attending some meeting's in the near future with the rest of the OzVR4 members.


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