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Want some help with some hypothetical upgrades

I am thinking specifically VR4 related (mods to a 6a13tt setup). Although some of what i'm asking obviously isn't possible in a VR4 without some impractical modifications (heavy chassis mods) just curious about what people think.

1)twin intakes
I know this can be done as some people have already done so but was wondering

what are the advantages/disadvantages of the twin intakes?

exactly what do you need to do to get this to work? I think someone said a aftermarket ECU with MAP sensor rather than out MAF but what else does this affect. Are there other things that need to be done to this as well as the ecu/map, like any other different sensors.

2) twin intercoolers

would there be any benefit of having twin intercoolers. Unpractical as hell I know, but say you *could* fit two intercoolers the same size as stock (or the regular aftermarket ones everybody uses) in the car would there be any advantages/disadvantages of doing so.

would this cause any problems of differential pressures between turbos, weird intake/exhaust problems, things like that.

would it increase response or spool up times things like that

3) turbo upgrades
If size/piping/practicality was not an issue what turbos would be a *good* (yes I know people have different ideas about good turbo upgrades, just want some general feedback) upgrade? ideally still maintaining a decent response feeling but with more high end power.


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1 - possible even with stock ecu though its a pain.
Stock - twin intakes with maf on one intake and a balance pipe joining the two intakes. In theory the intakes be taking equal airflow if the balance pipe is working. Tune the ecu so that the MAF reading is multiplied by 2 for actual airflow
Aftermarket - replace the maf with a MAP sensor and tune to suit. Might need a new TPS? Don't remember how accurate our throttle position reading is.

2 - Only time to do it is for twin air to water intercoolers I would say. If you look around OE - BMW, Merc etc - thats actually all the craze now to minimise lag and improve throttle response. Though those benefits are only seen from reduced piping. Shorter route less volume to pressurise. Twin air is pointless. Probably decrease response and increase lag from increased volume and length of piping + extra bends needed. Have to merge somewhere before the throttle anyhow.

3 - GT2052 or GT2056 best of both worlds. People will probably say GT2554r because its ball bearing but you just need to look at the compressor/turbine maps to see why the aforementioned are most likely the better option. O and GT1548 is probably the closest to the BMW 10T turbo's if you are looking for a simple upgrade with probably no loss in response. GT1548 is what I would do personally.


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Legnum with twin GT25R upgrade.
Mines got twin intakes and map sensor and still uses same TPS so must not be a problem.
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