Intermittent Missfire, not IFS.


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Hey guys, quick run down of my problem and what the problem was. I'll link to other threads I found helpful.

I started getting my tachometer randomly dropping on the highway from 3k to 2k rpm. Loss of a bit of engine power as a result. BUT the car was in gear and still rolling at 110, so if the engine actually changed Rpm by that much that quickly I would have been thrown through the windscreen.

First thought was whatever sensor tells the car how many rpm it's doing (IFS, CAS). Replaced IFS, and that didn't help. Problem then got much worse and I only just managed to limp back to @LDundon s house. Then checked engine codes (great guide here Https:// summary (bridge pins 1&4 with a bit of wire [big end of trapezium is the top numbered left to right across the top biggest row] and the car switched to on [but not running] found that I had engine code 52 (cylinders 2&5)).

I have Christians COP kit, but an older one purchased second hand. Turns out the plug had bent pins when I purchased it and being a noob I didn't check them before install. All I had to do was bend the pins back and plug it back in. Problem solved :)


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That orange retaining clip at the female end, you need to replace that as it may pop out the pin due to vibration and old age of the connector.

I know the 4 pin tps/ifs connectors are brittle already as I have broken 3 in separate occassions..

Also just to clear things up. Were the pins bent prior to the installation or you didn't know?


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I was lucky I had @TME_Steve on hand for a dyno day when I had a similar issue with those connectors!
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