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I have looked at these a few times on the auctions, trying to get a good translation is a mission. I didn't think they were that cheap, plus u have to send ur old cpu back right ? I think ur always better off having ECU upgrades tuned to YOUR car as there are so many factors a pre-tuned rom doesn't take into account (ie. fuel and weather)


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60hp is quite a lot to claim!basically they take a wee bit of fuel out across the map, optimise timing, etc but they don't really push it to the limits because of course every car is different and will have a different level of modifications. I personally wouldn't recommend one, it is better to get one installed and tuned locally.


Honestly, don't trust any "Pre Programmed Chip" package because they are not individually tuned to your vehicle. Different brand filters, exhausts and general engine wear make evrey vehicle completely unique. Until you have gone and tuned a large number of hte same vehicles, you will never realise how different they really are.

Dare I say it, I would rather see someone spend there money on a next to useless SAPC controller, which has some level of adjustement, but is at least its tuned specifically on your car in real time.

Any piggy back ECU is always going to be the best option, beleive me once you have tuned your car with one, you will quickly forget the fact its slightly more expensive.
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