Leggy on a nissan cruise



Hey guys

Thought id just drop a line here about a nissan cruise i went on last night. A couple of R33's, a few 180's, one gutted like a fish and a statesmen on 20's... haha the statesmen didnt come but i took my leggy on its first hills run and i gotta say it was a little butthole pursing at times but she held firm.

The boys felt it necessary to drift any slight bend in the road whilst I hugged each and every one like a demon.ha. It was really good fun and i only felt one or two spots where she didnt grip too well but i think its because i havent done my tyre upgrade yet and suspension...


Leaving Skid Marks
Tweed Coast, NSW
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Luke M
1997 Legnum VR4
Sounds like good fun man, at least with the 180's there you know who's gunna get pulled over first if the cops are round the next corner...lol
Wait till you lower the car and get some decent tyres, it's a huge difference. Only driven the Leggy a little bit lately but I couldn't believe how much some decent tyres improved handling round the twisties, makes you feel much more confident in the car as well.
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