Wanted QLD Legnum or Galant Shell/Roller

Brandon Hayward

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97 Legnum VR4
Hi team,

I need a rolling shell of either legnum or a galant. The shell needs to be straight and have a clean WOVR record.

Someone ran a red light two days after I bought my dream legnum and bent the front end so I'm looking for a shell I can put all the goodies into.

Looking to spend under $1500, and will travel interstate.

Hit me up if you have something.


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1998 VR4 Galant
if you are still looking i have a straight legnum shell, still has doors, dash etc. no motor or running gear, no boot or rear bar

100xxx on chassis

listed on gumtree as legnum partout if interested

i do have a galant but has front end damage, can be repaired with the legnum front (Was my original intention) but you will need some time and skill to do it properly. which i has neither of haha

130xxx on the galant, no motor or gearbox, no maf on motor though

located sydney


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2006 Subaru Liberty Spec.B Manual

1998 Mitsubishi Legnum VR4 Auto

1991 Mitsubishi Galant VR4 Manual (Aus Spec)

1998 Mitsubishi Galant VR4 Auto
I also have one, few little dents on the shell.
Purple, Nearly no clear coat left up top.
96 Model with 250k on body.
Pretty much everything gone, all running gear and interior and some trim pieces.

Will be listing it in MAYBE a month once i'm finished swapping the suspension out of it with my own and a few other little things.
No real rust which is good.
Also has as working sunroof!

Located in Caboolture, if your interested and don't mind waiting a month ish for it to be ready.
Give me a yell and drop an offer.

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