Max power of 5spd auto Gearbox and driveline?



How much power can the 5 speed tiptronic auto gearbox handle?

Are there any companies out there that can rebuild these boxes with upgraded components to handle stupid power?

Will the stock driveline be alright for power levels in the vicinity of 300-400awkw? Will it blow transfer cases up like GTO's?

I'm not concerned about if whether or not the motor can take this as obviously one would have to rebuild using forged components.

I am asking these questions out of curiosity's sake ;)

Thanks guys!


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The transfer case and rear diff are basically the same as an evo. They are very strong and will be fine with anything, bar hard launches (ie 5000rpm clutch dump) With an auto you won't need to worry about them at all as long as you change the fluid regularly.

As for the auto, there have been virtually no failures on cars that have had the correct oil with regular changes, even the guys in the UK that were spraying NOS and did 100+ drag launches with them. Then there are cars that have been driven normally and have had gearboxes fail.

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the biggest concern about doing big launches in high power autos is stripping the torque converter splines
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