McGARD 04640 lock nuts. Source?


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Well a while a go now the champion apprentice put my wheels back on after fitting new tyres and didn't tighten up one of the locknuts properly.

So I lost one.

The model number of the locknut is above. Googling shows some results but not where to buy them.

The tyre shop tried to palm me some shit house ones which where black (mine are bronze) which I refused. They where a mushroom type that I reckon and 1/2 brained thief could hammer a socket on to if he wanted to.

So any help would be great. Other wise maybe I'll just have to order a set of Rjays or something and get the tyre place to pay for it.

This is the pattern they are. It seems to be a lot more secure than other lock nuts I have seen.

Not that anyone would want my rashed up wheels anyhow :(
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