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This is just a reference for those who want to get an oil analysis done in Australia. Call Lubrication Engineers on 1800 676 699. Kits cost $44 and include postage to their lab in QLD.

For those wondering what an oil analysis is and why you might want one, if you want to know how well your lubricant is faring an oil analysis will tell you whether the oil is still within specifications (ie if it's broken down due to shearing, heat stress, additives have separated, oxidised etc), whether there are any contaminants within the oil and how severe they are. So if you're running a really good (and probably expensive) oil, instead of replacing it when service time comes around an analysis will tell you if it's still safe to continue using it. If the report comes back and the oil's still in good condition, there's no point throwing it out - keep using it and get another analysis done at your next service interval. Eventually once you're confident in the oil's lubrication and stability you can push the intervals out further and further.

Now I know some of you will be thinking 'what's the point in a $44 test that costs more than the oil I'm using now?!' And for you guys, this IS absolutely a waste of time and money - just keep changing your oil every 5,000kms. Oil analysis is for those using oils that are meant to last a whole lot longer, such as Amsoil which purportedly lasts hundreds of thousands of kms (and costs a hell of a lot more than $44 per oil change!).


iam pretty sure its just oil analysis and nothing more for $44 bucks.

how long does it take?
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