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I asked a simple question about plugs & oil. As im new to site & stiil finding tools to use site I dont need attitude from people for asking a question!!!


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Shane no one has problems with anyone asking a question in principle. But remember in the year or so this site's been running there have been a lot of questions asked, many of them over and over. We have gone to a lot of effort to make the site as easy to use, navigate and find resources as possible - the topic at the top of the main forum page (and half the others) links straight to the Index thread, which has links to a lot of useful information.

You'll find if you've taken a little bit of time to look for the information you need and you STILL can't find it, people around here will fall over themselves to give you a hand. But it's a little disappointing when someone wants information just handed to them when they haven't even bothered going to the effort of taking a look for themselves.

So take a look through the index, have a go with the search button and I'm sure you'll have a great deal to read. If you still have questions by then, don't hesitate to ask :)
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