Please Read Before Posting

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Please follow these rules to make it easier to find things up for trade:

All items for sale in the Classifieds Section should contain clear pictures of the Actual items in question.

Do not use OZVR4 as a substitute for eBay. If you wish to have people bid on your items, offer them at eBay. Any items offered for sale at OZVR4 are expected to be offered at a fixed price.

Remember this is only for people selling anything that will fit a MITSUBISHI, otherwise please post it in the "Non-Mitsubishi Cars / Parts / Accessories OR Miscellaneous" sections

Please prefix your thread titles with either [FS] (for sale), [WTB] (Wanted to Buy), [WTS] (wanted to swap), or [SPOTTED] if you have found something that may be of interest

Please post when you have sold the item or found the item you needed,

Please PM me (or another mod) when you have Sold or Found the item, i will then close the thread so it does not get dragged up in future.

Please don’t hijack other peoples posts. If you’re selling something please start a new thread; NOT post it in someone else’s at a lower price etc.

Don’t put other peoples sales down, if you think their price is to high, keep it to yourself or use the Private Message function. Also please don't post if you're a mate saying "this cars phat" etc as it fills the forum quickly with junk - only genuine buyers/ sellers should post.

Keep things specific eg. When Posting Parts for a VR4 could you please state what year you are talking about. There are big differences between a 96 VR4 and a 92 VR4.

Please don’t post in capital letters, txt format, or bold.

Please DELETE your existing "bump" message before ADDING a new "bump" message.

If you have multiple items F/S please keep them all to one topic. This is key for people selling a lot of parts.

Furthermore if you do not conform to the rules above then there is a very good chance that your post will be deleted, and it is up to the Moderator whether he/she gives you notice of this. If you see us changing your posts and referring you here or deleting your posts, please don’t take it personally, we are just doing our job. Moderators are entitled to edit/delete posts at their own discretion as he/she sees fit.

Not open for further replies.
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