Possible Drive to Winton this weekend


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Hey Guys thinking of going for a drive on Saturday morning or Friday nite To Winton (Winton Motor Raceway is a 3.0km circuit in national configuration and a 2.03km circuit in Club configuration located near Benalla just off the Hume Highway, Victoria)
As a friend will be towing his drift car for a competition.
So far him my step brother with Silvia and me and my Legie, just a cruze but open for suggestions.
Possible ride in a drift car if you make friends with the owner – no guaranties as its up to your own people skills, I have been penciled in for few laps as a passenger in a comp yahoo.
Let me know if anyone is interested and please PM me when you if you are.
Cheers Tomas


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I'm keen for sure mate! I'll be heading up there with a few mates for a look. Been ages since I've been up there so I'm keen as mustard.

Let me know what the plan is!
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