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Leaving Skid Marks
Orange N.S.W 2800
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1998 Legnum VR-4 & 1999 Legnum VR-4 w. Recaros
Hi all, had my first dyno run yesterday... it was exciting, and a lot louder than i expected...!!!

Anyways, it is completely stock series one manual, except for a bleed valve, running 12 p.s.i, and my downpipes are damaged causing a restriction in flow, it pulled 142.7 KW at all fours, in forth gear @ 158km/h... Pretty happy wih that, a.f.r's werent as bad as i thought, started at about 13.4:1, and at full noise was abot 11:1, will be it was done at DART Automotive in Riverwood, sydney, on a newish Mainline dyno...all for a miserly $80. :)
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