swapping VR4s in kyrgyzstan



Hi guys I just bought a black 1997 manual with sunroof and 77KMS.
I am getting rid of my car and I always wanted a black manual with a roof and I got one and should have it in 50 days or so.
Can anyone please tell me how many kms usually before the clutch is changed as I hope its about 40-50K as mine has 77kms so hope my clutch is still good for a while.
I will post some pics soon of both cars but this will be my 5th vr4 now.
I was rushed into this one as they have changed the laws in kyrgyzstan as of the 1st july can't bring in right hand drives into the country so I had to get this car fast and this nice one popped up and I got it for $4500 so it will cost me just under $8000aus landed in Kyrgyzstan.
Please someone let me know about the life of the clutch on average on a stock car,


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Congrats on the purchase Adam :)

On the topic of clutches, a well maintained clutch that's treated right can be good for hundreds of thousands of kms. However the same clutch can be killed in a matter of seconds in the wrong hands, and with these cars the engines are far more powerful than the clutchs - dial up 4 or 5g's from a standing start and drop the clutch and you may have a newly airated bonnet and bell housing...

When you get the car do a complete service and see how it feels - if it's been treated well you shouldn't need to replace the clutch until you're ready to upgrade (or you get a bit too spirited in your launches) ;)

bogan bob

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Out of curiousity, is there any compliance sort of things that eed to be done or does it land and you drive it away?


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Around 60-100km seems to be the average depending on how you drive the car.

Congrats on the purchase :)
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