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    We now have access to our own club based Torque Plate which is able to be hired out by you.
    CNC machined out of 6061 Grade Aluminium and engraved with the club logo and both a Galant and a Legnum

    What is a Torque Plate for you ask, and why do you need one?

    If you care about performance, then a torque plate is always a good investment for any high-performance engine build. When the head and gasket are torqued to a block, the bores will naturally distort since they are hollow cylinders. This is even true with open deck blocks. A torque plate simulates the cylinder bore’s distortion, thus allowing the machine shop to hone the cylinders with the simulated distortion. Honing with a torque plate generally yields better ring seal, compression, and can reduce oil consumption. This is especially prevalent if you go to the extent of upgrading to M11 head studs.​


    Hire cost are as follows:

    Hire Fee: $50
    Refundable deposit once plate is returned: $150 Must be returned undamaged within 30 days, so please don't hire until you actually need to use it.
    Shipping costs to and from your location (if outside of Brisbane) To metro Sydney $25.40, To metro Melboure $27.50, To metro Adelaide $32.00, To metro Perth $37.10

    All profits will go towards upkeep and server costs for the forum.
    Please PM me for any additional information or to hire the plate.

    12239346_10153429925818800_5980580364718655878_o.jpg 12240998_10153429925418800_8170152198570677128_o.jpg 12241081_10153429925693800_2576970714248580335_o.jpg
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    same for my Torque plate here in NZ PM me if you need to use it or If you require me to organize a block to be bored and/or honed with it for you.

    here is a picture of how 6A13TT bores distort when loaded with 11mm A1 Technologies H11 studs. (pardon the potatoe quality photo as the lens of my old celphone was cooked)
    Just below the alloy of the torque plate you can see 2 large dark patches right where the head studs are pulling on the bores. If memory serves we needed to hone 4 or 5 thou ~0.125mm out of this block to get it round again.
    putting it into perspective, the recommended clearance on the Wiseco forged pistons is 3 - 3.5 thou.


    As @whats_doing stated above you will get better ring seal and in turn better compression due to less blow by & less oil consumption.
    Ring seal is what translates the explosion in the bore into force on the piston so the better your ring seal is the more power you will make! A must for any performance engine.
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