What type of Battery is in a VR-4?



Hello All,

I recently had to pay out for a new ECU. Including fitting, around £700 UK Sterling. Ouch!

Anyway, the garage suggested that a faulty battery may have caused the problem. Sure enough, when I took the battery out and tested it, smoke appeared. The battery was not a genuine Mitsubishi part.

I've therefore forked out for a new battery from a dealer. But when I come to fit it, the terminals are on the wrong side.

I have a 6A12TT 7th generation VR-4.

Anyone know the correct Mitsubishi part or third party equivalent?

Cheers, KiteFighter.


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heh, we would have been able to get you an euc for like 100 pounds, or repaired your old one.

Trying to get a genuine mitsi battery is a bit silly. Just get a quality branded one. Most do have the terminals around the wrong way, you need to be careful there, just look around.


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Mitsubishi recommend a 520CCA battery, but they don't actually make one. Interestingly, because Japanese cars use those small battery terminals, none of the batteries used in Japan will comply with the recommendation ;)

As Brad said, you can buy batteries in any of the four possible standard configurations (terminals on either side, biased to either side) - just make sure you know what you need for your car before you go into the store.
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