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Life is just peachy at the moment - some losers decided to steal my car early morning on "GOOD Friday". (Mitcham area)

Got it back in less than 12 hours but in less than original condition.

Car was found out the back of St John's Church 337 Main Road Coromandel Valley.

They also Stole my neighbours black R33 manual S2 skyline (Billy / William P's) at the same time and took his double din touch screen 7" stereo - but they dumped his car just around the corner and came back for mine... Billy does not know yet as he is on holidays!

Stupid cowards stole my kids new Twin screen DVD player for long trips in the car. Whom ever steals from the mouths of babes deserves to be beaten to a pulp - which if I had heard them smash my drivers side window (right outside my bedroom - the balls!) I would have happily done!

That had to have known as I have a foam child seat and a babies seat in the back. Selfish wankers!

All up the car was found with:
  • Smashed Drivers side window
    Sitting on paver's with all four wheels stolen (18" Manaray Sport Vertec VR5 Gold + polished Chrome alloy wheels with Bridgestone Potenza GII tires)
    Damaged Disk break surrounds - when they just dropped it onto bricks after getting the wheels off
    My MP4 player stolen
    My MP3 playing FM transmitter with a 4GB USB Pen stolen
    My Cigarette lighter to 3 outlet + USB power adaptor stolen
    My Mini Mag-light from in my dash stolen
    The kids Twin 7" DVD player Stolen
    Kit was damaged
    My Stearing column damaged
    My Key barrel ripped out and damaged
    Shattered the Ignition Barrel
    The stereo was partially removed - they must have been interrupted
    Damaged several center console bits when attempting to remove stereo
    Scraped rear bumper
    Damaged the front bar and side skirts of my kit
Wish they had burnt it cos it is going to be more trouble than it is worth now - having to hunt down the insurance on these bits

Insurance excess $250
(possibly + $500 as it is a turbo - not sure on the not at fault theft side of things)

And if the car insurance does not cover the contents then I may have to try and claim it under house insurance so another $250 odd excess... or simply right them off completely... :(

"See pics here"

My wheels:



If anyone hears anything on the grape vine - or sees someone either trying to sell these or with these on their car please let me know - I would love to pay them a visit! The wheel and tire combo would be unique as they are the tires that came with the wheels from Japan - so if you see the combo - you will know they are mine.


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Damn thats not good, did you have an alarm or anything to stop them from stealing it?

If i see or hear of anything ill let you know as i live near mitcham.


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Dude that's real crap, sorry to hear. Hope you get some joy chasing those rims - they're rare in anyone's book. Give them a knee-capping for me ;)

Kill switch and GPS Sat tracking are worth their weight in gold...


haha - sorry not sure what Druggs J-spec was on when they did the listing for my car... they had wood grain dash, greddy turbo timer and Volk wheels...

So after a quick google search I worked out that in fact my 18" rims where not volks... they where:

18" Manaray Sport Vertec VR5 Gold + polished Chrome alloy wheels

Any idea how to find a price on old rims? especially when www.manaray.co.jp no longer even lists them and the closest they get is the VR5 EVO's...


which by the way are pretty nice but also old stock and priced at $333 each plus taxes and freight... So judging by that, my insurance should be in excess of $2500 to cover the rims and the tyres....?


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Sorry to hear that dude, did you have it alarmed?
The last set of Manaray wheels we sold at Sinergy went for $2200 with crap bald tyres. I think ya wanna get $3k for those.
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