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  1. S

    [SOLVED]Dash backlights and Odometer not working

    Hi all, After doing a manual conversion and a bunch of other work on my 96 galant vr4 the dash backlights and the odometer have stopped working. All needles light up as they should, dimmer switch works on the needles, 10A fuse under dash is good, and have replaced the 100A main fuse in engine...
  2. LDundon

    Dash cluster lights flick off, car dies

    Hey folks! I need help! My dash lights randomly turn off when driving and the car dies. Have swapped different batteries, doesn't change a thing. Car still cranks fine, will randomly start back up and go fine again for a few days then will sometimes flicker off then back on and the sometimes...
  3. C

    ABS, TCL, skid light and red AYC lights all came on

    Something very weird is going on with my ATC, TCL and/or ABS. The final thing is the AYC red light is on, the amber TCL OFF light is flashing and the amber skidding car symbol light is on. Every so often when I turn left going slowly I get a grinding thumping noise and it feels like the left...
  4. Hotwire

    Diagnostic codes list & how to read them (Check Engine Light)

    Hey everyone, Thought I would share something I have developed over the last week. I have a Japanese copy of the the 6A13TT Galant/Legnum manual, and have been able to use Google Translator to determine what the codes for each flashing dash light will indicate when the car is in diagnostic...
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