dash lights

  1. LDundon

    Dash cluster lights flick off, car dies

    Hey folks! I need help! My dash lights randomly turn off when driving and the car dies. Have swapped different batteries, doesn't change a thing. Car still cranks fine, will randomly start back up and go fine again for a few days then will sometimes flicker off then back on and the sometimes...
  2. C

    ABS, TCL, skid light and red AYC lights all came on

    Something very weird is going on with my ATC, TCL and/or ABS. The final thing is the AYC red light is on, the amber TCL OFF light is flashing and the amber skidding car symbol light is on. Every so often when I turn left going slowly I get a grinding thumping noise and it feels like the left...
  3. Hotwire

    Diagnostic codes list & how to read them (Check Engine Light)

    Hey everyone, Thought I would share something I have developed over the last week. I have a Japanese copy of the the 6A13TT Galant/Legnum manual, and have been able to use Google Translator to determine what the codes for each flashing dash light will indicate when the car is in diagnostic...
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