1. S

    [SOLVED]Dash backlights and Odometer not working

    Hi all, After doing a manual conversion and a bunch of other work on my 96 galant vr4 the dash backlights and the odometer have stopped working. All needles light up as they should, dimmer switch works on the needles, 10A fuse under dash is good, and have replaced the 100A main fuse in engine...
  2. Minto_bug

    New alternator installed but still not enough Volts

    Hello everyone, A little background on my situation, A few weeks ago I had noticed various electrical faults with my car mainly DTCs for sensors and such having low voltage Eventually I tested my alternator and found it putting out only 11.23V at idle. So I replaced my alternator and the plug...
  3. LDundon

    Dash cluster lights flick off, car dies

    Hey folks! I need help! My dash lights randomly turn off when driving and the car dies. Have swapped different batteries, doesn't change a thing. Car still cranks fine, will randomly start back up and go fine again for a few days then will sometimes flicker off then back on and the sometimes...
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