1. naughtika

    ISC Connector

    Hi All, just wanted to confirm if our ISC have 2 different size connectors cause of being PFL and FL? I know there's the orange color and the black color. If someone can please confirm?
  2. slickd1

    Intermittent Missfire, not IFS.

    Hey guys, quick run down of my problem and what the problem was. I'll link to other threads I found helpful. I started getting my tachometer randomly dropping on the highway from 3k to 2k rpm. Loss of a bit of engine power as a result. BUT the car was in gear and still rolling at 110, so if...
  3. 6A13TT TYPE S

    For Sale NZ Camshaft 101 and Regrind Information

    As many of you may know I work for a company called Kennelly Cams. Figured Id make this thread as a FAQ about camshaft stuff and any other questions in an attempt to not completly derail other threads What is a camshaft regrind you say? Well by grinding away only selected parts of the existing...
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