1. slickd1

    Intermittent Missfire, not IFS.

    Hey guys, quick run down of my problem and what the problem was. I'll link to other threads I found helpful. I started getting my tachometer randomly dropping on the highway from 3k to 2k rpm. Loss of a bit of engine power as a result. BUT the car was in gear and still rolling at 110, so if...
  2. 6A13TT TYPE S

    For Sale NZ Camshaft 101 and Regrind Information

    As many of you may know I work for a company called Kennelly Cams. Figured Id make this thread as a FAQ about camshaft stuff and any other questions in an attempt to not completly derail other threads What is a camshaft regrind you say? Well by grinding away only selected parts of the existing...
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