1. M

    How many litres of coolant for a new radiator(cooling system)?

    I've had a cracking day! The top tank of my radiator has gone kaput. I'll be needing to source a radiator ASAP. So in preparation for the easy swap over of a radiator. I need to know the total amount of coolant I'll be needing to buy. I was thinking 7 litres to be safe. As I am filling the whole...
  2. Mulvi

    Aftermarket radiator fan wiring

    Hi all as the title suggests im about to wire some slim aftermarket fans for the twin td04 vr4. Would like to know how to go about this. The fans I have are 2 wire and ive noticed the stock plug has 3 wires two larger and one smaller. Im a sparky and I have a hunch the old module on the fan...
  3. psybonix

    Wanted NSW Radiator upgrade for 6A13TT Auto

    Does anybody know a good place to get a new radiator upgrade for a 1997 6A13TT Auto? I noticed my radiator had a small leak so might as well upgrade rather than replace. Does anybody know a good place to get one? Cheers Psy
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