1. Z

    Upgrading to S-AYC

    Has anyone upgraded their AYC diff to the S-AYC diff from the Evo 8? I know that it's pretty much a direct fit with a few small mods, but whats needed in terms of wiring/pump? Do I need to installed the S-AYC ECU and wiring harnesses and is the existing AYC pump suffcient? Just interested as I...
  2. J_banger

    Sold NSW Twin TD04 setup

    Items and prices: $$950.00 ONO Manifolds, dumps and turbos with modified wastegate actuators. Turbos will need new CHRAS as they have a bit of shaft play. Condition: USED Description: Custom made manifolds and dumps to suit, this setup does not need the oil filter relocated. Was never...
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