a few questions re: AYC (active yaw control) in all models



Hi everyone !

I am looking at buying a legnum vr4.

I have one in mind in Melbourne at southern special vehicles, has any one dealt with them?

I was told today by an importer in Coffs Harbour that only the auto's have the active yaw control is there any truth in this or do the manual's also have it?


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G'day Nathan, welcome to the site.

The guy you spoke to is full of it - I personally have a manual '99 Legnum VR4 with AYC - all 'Type S' 'facelift' (ie Series 2) versions have AYC while Type V's don't. ALL original Series 1 (pre-facelift) versions come with AYC. Take a look at the site's FAQ for answers to a lot of these questions, and the Search Button is your friend - many of the initial questions you'll have have been asked before, so take some time to look around :)

Oh and if you could take a couple of minutes to fill out your profile information that'd be great, too!


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Facelift Manual Galant's were only available in Type V spec, and those don't have AYC, maybe that is what he was referring to. If you're after a Legnum you will be able to find one with AYC + Manual, you might need to wait a while for a good one though.
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