Clutch Pedal Broke



Hey guys thought I would share.
Today I noticed whil driving that my clutch pedal felt really funny and even at times as if it was getting lower. The travel on the clutch kept getting shorter and fast.
I got to my destination and my mate has his workshop there and I asked him to have a look at the clutch pedal.
He straight away said my pedal is broken.
We removed the pedal and the bracket it sits in and maybee it was just my car as the japs might have taken a earlier lunch while working on it but the weld was only half for the top of the clutch pedal ring and not all the way around.
Basically the pedal itself swivels on a round gromit.
That round metal part for the clutch pedal had only been welded at the top half and the bottom half without the weld had snapped right off.
I was very lucky as I got to my destination and got delayed 2 hours while the boys ripped the peddal out and re welded it all the way around and now its as good as new and even better as we adjusted it to bite a bit lower then it was.
I run a ceramic evo 8 clutch with a stage 3 pressure plate so if you do upgrade your clutch you may as well rip the pedal out and for a few bucks welde it all the way around as if it brakes down in a bad spot then you are looking at tow truck and lots of other headaches so better to do it before it breakes.
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