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Hey everyone, the names Anthony, iam from Vic, Doncaster.

Recently purchased a HJ 94' Galant, i know its not a VR4 but meh. i used to have a CG 03 VRX Lancer but that got fukd up, see post 'shit happens':mad:

Iam an IT consultant for hosting and domains. jobs ok not to bad.

I am aiming to make this Galant a SPL vehicle sine iam into the business with my own company gass- Gauge Auto Sound & Security on the side.

Eventually i want to make my HJ a one off custom and put a AWD system in it with the VR4 engine. Apparently its not to hard since its got the same chaise n all.

if anyone has any opinions or questions let us know.

cheers boys.


do it with a Legnum, more room in the back for subs and amps :)

:( yeah i never knew about legnum's until i joined up on this forum.

ive already taken out the back seats and panels from my car, just trying to work out best layout.

ive order DD digital design subs and amps. apparently DD make a sub that is 20,000 watts RMS, crazy huh.

but that sub is like 10-20k :(


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welcome, speak to Mikey, I think his nick here is Nervis.. he's done a couple of AWD transplant into HJ.. pm me your email.. so i can tell him..
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