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Sold my 1998 Legnum VR4 Type S
Hi everyone, My name is Mark and I live in Nowra on the NSW South Coast. I am a bit of a rev head, and have had numerous performance cars (and some not so) over the years. My past car list looks like this

1. Gemini Coupe
2. Cordia Turbo GSR (a turbo on my P plates omg)
3. CB Lancer GSR (the model before the turbo 4wd came out)
4. Suzuki GTi (complete with full roll cage, stripped interior, racing seats and turbo conversion)
5. VP SS Commodore V8 (its a family thing, you know ;))
6. VL Calais Turbo (where my love for 6 cyl turbo's began)
7. AE92 Toyota Corolla (with 20v quad throttle backyard conversion)
8. R32 Nissan Skyline GTS-t (my first import, again 6 cyl turbo)
9. 1976 LX Torana (with 355 ci Holden stoker motor, drag raced it a few times but it ran like a pig best et was 13.2 @ 112mph)
10. 1975 LH Torana G-Pak (hassled the bloke for years to sell it to me and I only kept it for 6 months, put big simmons on it & took it to the nats)
11. Toyota Hilux Mini Truck (rolling on 20's with custom paint, a great looking thing)

Between these cars I have had a few company cars, and currently drive a 2005 Subaru Outback for work.

IMHO 6 cylinder & turbo's are the perfect match, hence the reason that I am buying a Legnum VR4 as I have always liked them from new.

The other reason I need a wagon is for my family. I have a 15 month old daughter and another baby due on the 1/8/07.

Oh, and my username is because I am a one eyed supporter of the Hawthorn Footy Club (AFL) so if anyone wants to talk footy, I'm you man.

Cheers :D


Damn, you've had a bit of everything eh!

Good to have you here man :)

Your daughter will be a Leo! Leos are the best, trust me ;)


All you need is to add some euro's to the list and you can die happy
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