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1997 Galant VR4 and a very old cordia turbo
My new 97 Galant VR4 came with a turbo timer. Yeah I know they are not needed, useless etc etc. However I still would like to know how to use it, if for no other reason than to turn it off.

During compliance I had a Mongoose immobiliser (M60) installed. It apparently will work with a turbo timer. So engines is immobilised and doors will lock with engine in cooling cycle from turbo timer.

I have no instruction manual for the pivot turbo timer. It has only one button on the front that is labeled " Security timer set". I cannot find any model information on it. The front has

Pivot Turbo Timer
Security Auto timer
for turbo and NA

If you press the set button the screen cycles through a set of aplha/numbers (which I presume is minutes??) A H 9 5 3 1 L 0 .

From a couple of trialls I am guessing
A - automatic (somehow determines its own cooling time),
H - high??
9 5 3 1 - minutes
L - low???,
0 - off

Anybody know if this is indeed the case? I only ask because I played around with it and thought I had it set on 1 but it seemed to be off (engine shut down immediately with key). But I have a funny feeling you can only change the setting when the engine is running- dunno. It seems to be back in 1 now.

The Japanese person who owned it must have had much shorter legs than me (almost a given seeing as I am 193cm), the placement of the turbo timer gets me in the left knee!!!!

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