Hi guys I have just found these in china.
Official Ralliart team jackets made by MF merchandise.
I can get them to you guys for a group order of $160-$180aus if we buy 20 or more.
I posted one almost the same of the uk ebay but they look a bit fake to me as I remeber that the pockets were from the side and not the top.
The ones I found and bought one for myself straight away has pockets from the sides.
I will be back home by sunday so by next mon I will post some detailed pics.
Can send 10 or so to NZ and 10 or so to pz but lady wont do good price unless 20 or more as she said 50 but they are my old supplier so I can probably get her to sell me 20.
Black thin rallairt jacket as the inner and the red and grey external jacket so its a 3 in one.
Same as I tried at auto show years ago and they wanted $600-700 at the time ad I had a heart attack as thats a fmic at that price.
Anyhow tell all the guys and see how many orders we round up.
Also have a ralliart fleece for bout $100 cant remember will be back in a month to confirm that price but for now $160-180 landed in oz or nz postage and registerd mail included.
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