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Hi..I am thinking about a Vr4 as my next car and thought that I would say hi.I have owned quite a few imports (2x r33, 1xsoarer TT, 2x JT gemini ) I currentrly have a Stagea wagon. ..Have had it for a couple of years and so am thinking about my next ride.I wanted to go a bit smaller so I am thinking about a manual Vr4 sedan.(Stagea is triptronic so want a change).
I have sat in a sedan but not driven one yet. The one I sat in was really good for me as I am almost 6' 2" and need a car with good ergomomics.
As far as a smaller manual..go fast..look good car goes..the VR4 is looking like the one to go for.
I have read.. and am still reading.. a lot of topics from the forums to gather as much info as I can.From what I read..the VR4 will be like the stagea.. and be a bit tricky to get parts and after market stuff for..but I guess there is a price to pay for having an import.

I would love to hear from anyone that has driven a stagea and VR4 that can give me a comparison... also interested in general opinions about the VR4 maunal.(read one post that said the motor was much more suited to the auto)




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Legnum's are about 150kg lighter than a Stagea, Galants about 200kg. They also have the AYC rear diff in most models so they handle a heck of a lot better compared to a Stagea. Power delivery is similar, but with a bit less lag.

The engines are very smooth and the auto ones are nice to drive, but the manuals are a lot more fun and more involving to drive, plus you can actually change when you want to, the tiptronics take a second or so to think about things.


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You may know or not but when i was out at kamakize the other week they had a few sedans in their showroom if your keen to have a drive i'm sure they'll help ya.


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Welcome Scott. Brad summed things up nicely there. Only thing I'll add is most parts actually aren't too hard to come by, once you've worked out where to get them. Now I can get stuff easily from Japan and more and more aftermarket parts are becoming available locally I'm wondering why anyone would put up with the cost and difficulty with getting parts for Australian or Euro cars.
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