to additive or not additive thats the question



Hi guys.
I picked up the manual and sent a few guys a questions as I read on the site that manual boxes take a gl4 oil.
I found this hard to stomach as I understand the syncros may like a thicker lubricant but I still dont think that this is the best way to go.
I placed a shell synthetic 75-90 gl5 in the box and the diff and transfer and I found that the box was still crisp but not as silky as I was expecting.
I went and started to hassel all of the different sales guys here and they all looked at me like a baboon that a gl4 would be better then a gl5 as all oil books books give the turbo mitsi's a gl5 for the box and never a gl4.(all european manuals).
Anyway I drained the gl5 and added a product called energy release from the US. This was suppose to be the best additive that we can get in this country.It recomends 60ml for every liter. As the box takes about 2.3 I jammed in 3 liters worth so 180ml.
We then installed the oil back in and when I drove home I have to admit the gear chaneges are crisp and firm yet extremely fast and smooth.
So hence the additive is proving to be awsome.
I have found similar results from a product called pro ma back when I was in melbourne as in my 1991 vr4 which had noisy tappets when adding in the additive the tappet noise went away and when we checked compression over the next 6-12 months the car was running great and the noise went away about 90% and seemed to be no side effects.
So hence what have guys found over the years with additives and has anyone had a long term failure.
Cheers guys
Here is the link for the energy release stuff as it cost me $15 for 180ml to do the box and personally I will use it again.


gl5 is not a substitute or better than gl4,

they have completely different characteristic's,
gl4 is recommended for the vr4, because it contains golden coloured components (ie brass/copper), gl5 will break down these components over time.

also the gl5 is to slippery and the syncros do not like this causing hard gear changes when cold, and crunching even when warmed up.


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HAs anyone else noticed that people who beleivge in adatives... ie fuel or oil or whatever addatives... ALWAYS notice the difference they make?

I know a guy who WHEN EVER anyone he knows gets a new older car makes them go and buy a swathe of wynnes products, and then raves about how much smooth/better/powerful the car feels once the addatives have been put in.

Personally I can rarely tell the difference.

If there was some sound rigorous stress testing done with different addatives I would happily use them. However it always sounds like hear say to me.


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It's the same with any product that is supposed to alter behaviour or characteristics in some way.... you can't rely on testimonial evidence.

DansData ( does a great job picking apart the various offerings from the "woo-woo" brigade...
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