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Adam is my name and I thought I would spread some common info with fellow VR4 lovers.
I have previously owned 3 1990 vr4's and now have a 1997 Legnum vr4.
I am from melbourne but the last year I have spent with my wife in a place called Kyrgyzstan which is on the western border with china for those who havnt heard of it. I say this as its a funny place with a few cheap Jap imports as this is how I got my hands on the VR4.
I will try and share my mods with you guys and I will post some picks when I can as I think that mine is one of the better looking stock vr4's with only a set of rims so far.
I can suggest that relocating the battery to the boot is a half hour job and works really well as it makes a shit load of space for a air intake.
All you need is 5.5 meters of 4 gauge power cable which can be sourced from any stereo shop or jaycar electronics and run it up the fender panel then through the door rubber down to the inside of the car and through to the boot.
I have removed my plastic box that sits above the spare and made the hole a tiny bit bigger with a jig saw so that the battery can sit on top of the spare and will not move around as it sits in the hole and is pressed down by the spare tyre boot lid.
I have also made to sub boxes on each side of the boot so as I can still carry large loads instaed of most guys loosing their whole boot space with the subby boxes.
I have also made a custom backyard mandrel exhaust that runs 6.3mm of the turbos and then into a 3" pipe and then that splits into 2 3" pipes at the rear diff and becomes a twin tail pipe with 2 5" tips.
I dont run any cats(this country is flexible on everything all you need is $50 bucks) (even the speeding fines cost between 3 and 6 dollars here thats right 3-6 bucks fellas) and only run 4 small hot dogs and the car sounds a bit like a ferrari, not loud but nice and throaty.
I have also made a cold air intake box which houses a K&N filter with a 150mm exhaust fan pipe running from the front left driving light to the engine bay where the battery used to sit.
Thats about it at the moment but I will be installing very shortly a electronic boost controller to replace the manual bleed valve, followed by 2 TD04 turbochargers and custom extractors and intercooler.
I hope a couple of my ideas help you guys and I will definately post some picks soon.


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G'day Adam, great to have you along!

So what are you doing over in Kyrgyzstan? One of my clients is a mining company that's got a project going on there at the moment ;)

Second Brad's enthusiasm for pics, sounds like a great ride (and with next-to-no speeding fines, a GREAT deal of fun!!)


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Wow, that's an impressive list seeing as many of us have only just stared modding our new money pits. So are you still in China or are you back in sunny Melbourne?


Yes still in Kyrgyzstan for a while.
Am in the process of doing lots more as I can't wait to go to a tuning market in china as I need to try and track down some good after market bits.
BRADC I dont think its exactly like your exhaust as I think yours only runs 2.5 from the rear diff on both sides as the 3" is a bit more of a growl. But I did see a system on the net that someone was building and it definately sent me in that direction.
The really great thing here is that prices are radically different as I bought my car locally with 93K dead stock for $5800aus. Plus there are no rego fees on a yearly basis here and a transfer fee is a one off of about $175.
I will post the photos very soon as I think you guys will like them.
I also got my 18" mysterio rims with as new goodyear rubber by paying a local car dealer $150 and a straight swap for my factory 16" with old pirelli's.
I am in the process of getting another dealer to let me swap a whole interior out of a 1999 car with my interior and give him a $100 as well.
Good prices in this country I tell you.
Nothing beats going through a red light and paying $1.8 for a fine and thats the standard fine here for most traffic offences like speeding or illegal parking.
I hope you guys have fun with the stories here as there are many and I will try and take some photos of a few clowns here who have spent money modifying those shit russian Lada's and even funier when they try and drag you at the lights with their carby 1.6 piece of crap.


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Mine has 2.5" downpipes, a 3" main pipe and splits into 2.5" pipes again, so about the same really.Sounds like a fun place to live, are there any decent motorway systems?


No just short city runs.
Lots of rally roads though so can not lower the car.
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